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An Evening with the Devil (Tribe Records, 1972)

A Message From the Tribe with Phil Ranelin (Tribe, 1973)

Dreams of a Love Supreme (WenHa/Rebirth Records, 1979)

Organic Dream (WenHa/Rebirth, 1981)

Birth of a Fossil (WenHa/Rebirth, 1985)

Reawakening (WenHa/Rebirth, 1985)

Wait Broke the Wagon Down (WenHa/Rebirth, 1987)

The Carnivorous Lady (WenHa/Rebirth, 1988)

Fly by Night (WenHa/Rebirth1990)

Forever Duke (WenHa/Rebirth 1991)

Live in Concert (WenHa/Rebirth 1992)

Something For Pops with Harold McKinney (Wenha/Rebirth1993)

Rush & Hustle (WenHa/Enja, 1994)

The Battle of the Tenors (WenHa/Enja, 1998)

Eighth House: Riding with Pluto (Entropy Records, 2002)

Urban Expressions (WenHa/Rebirth 2004)

It's About Damn Time (Tribe /Rebirth, 2011)




Hometown: Detroit Sessions 1990-2014 -Tribe ( Strut Records 2019)

A New Message From The Tribe-Pamela Wise (Tribe, 2016)

Kindred Spirits -Pamela Wise (Tribe 2015)

Song Festividad-Pamela Wise featuring Jerry Gonzalez and Wendell Harrison (WenHa/Rebirth)1994

Negre con Leche-Pamela Wise (WenHa/Rebirth 2001)

Pamela's Club-Pamela Wise (WenHa/Rebirth2006)

Marion Hayden-Marion Hayden (Equinox Mansion Records, 2006)



Hank Crawford - Dig These Blues (Atlantic, 1965)

Hank Crawford - After Hours (Atlantic, 1966)

Hank Crawford - Mr. Blues (Atlantic, 1967)

Hank Crawford - Double Cross (Atlantic, 1967)

Greg Dykes - The Prince Of Peace, 1968

Phil Ranelin - The Time is Now!, (Tribe 1973

Harold McKinney - Voices and Rhythms of the Creative Profile, (Tribe1974)

Marcus Belgrave - Gemini II, (Tribe 1974)

Phil Ranelin - Vibes From the Tribe, (Tribe 1976)

William Odell Huges - Cruising, (WenHa 1983

McKinfolk Live At The Serengeti - (Rebirth/McKinney Arts, 1996)

Michigan Jazz Masters - Urban Griots, 1998

Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What Is Effortless, 2004

Phil Ranelin - Inspiration, 2004

Slicker - We All Have a Plan, 2004

Proof - Grown Man Shit, 2005

Proof - Searching for Jerry Garcia, 2005

John Arnold - Style and Pattern, 2005

Amp Fiddler - Afro Strut, 2007

Carl Craig - Paris Live, (Planet E 2007)

Tribe  Rebirth, (Planet E 2009)

Sean Blackman - In Transit, 2009

Will Sessions - Kindred, 2010

Doug Hammond Tentet - Rose, 2011

John Lindberg BC3 - Born in an Urban Ruin, 2016

Gayelynn McKinney - McKinfolk, The New Beginning  2018



by Wendell Harrison

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